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Children’s Sunday Club

Sunday Club and Family Services

Sunday Club teachers

The Sunday Club meets every Sunday during school term time at 10:30. It is held in the annex of the church with a family service once a month.

Children meet in church a few minutes before 10:30. They then move out to the annex for the major part of the service where they are cared for by two adults, a teacher and a helper, following a theme that is related to that of the day. They return to the service before it has finished so they can join their parents for communion.

Children are always welcome to stay during all services. A special corner is set aside in the Church for them so that parents can remain with them during the service should they wish to do so. There are books, games, puzzles and worksheets on the Scripture readings for the day.

Christ Church offers a programme of Bible studies and prayer illustrated through games, songs, and craft activities for children from 4 – 10 years old. Younger children are more than welcome to attend as long as they are accompanied by a parent or carer. Sunday Club takes place during our regular morning worship starting at 10:30. Children rejoin their parents in time for communion so that they can receive a blessing from the priest while their parents are taking communion. During school holidays the Sunday Club is also on holiday, but there are worksheets for children to do in the Children’s Corner. If you would like more information please contact the Christ Church Office ( ).

Please see our Services for a list of Sundays that include the Sunday Club.

Communion before Confirmation: classes are organised for children who attend church regularly but are not old enough to be confirmed. After the final session, there is a special service to welcome the children to take communion with their parents. Ask the Chaplain for details.

Caring for our children : Christ Church implements the Diocesan Child Protection guidelines in all matters relating to children and young people (and vulnerable adults). These guidelines meet the requirements of the Church of England and of local legislation. If you would like more information contact our Child Protection Officer, Fran Edwards, on 021 866 15 85

Confirmation Classes: Please talk to the Chaplain if you would like information about being confirmed, either for your children or yourself.