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Avenue de l'Eglise-Anglaise 1 1006 Lausanne

Who’s who


In interregnum – our present locum priest is Father Chris Welsh


Angela Fall


David Elliott

Michael Nelson

Church Council members:

Dayo Adenugba – member

Jamie Allen – Council Secretary

Frances Edwards – Member

Angela Fall – Pastoral Assistant

Philippa King Rojo – Archdeaconry Synod Representative, Choir festival Music Director

Gino Lannutti – Member

Rosemary Raedler Hacking – Treasurer, Electoral roll officer

Howard Yu – Archdeaconary Synod Representative

Other responsibilities:

Safeguarding Officer – Frances Edwards

Ecumenical contact – Philippa King Rojo

Building maintenance and environmental officer – David Elliott

Organ curator & organist coordinator – David Elliott

Sunday Club co-coordinator – Dillia McCauley


Refreshments – Liz Baron-Demarco

Financial Commitment – The Treasurer

Administration Church Office – Contact the Church Wardens