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Revd Chris Welsh’s sermons

Message from the Lay Minister

Our parting gift from Revd Chris Welsh is a copy of his sermons preached during summer 2022.  

I am sure that like me you have found these sermons pertinent in word and beautifully expressed. Each week the message helped us in our understanding of ourselves within the current Christ Church context. They are often startling in Scriptural, human and community insights. We smile at the lightness of touch to serious and difficult themes and go away a little wiser.


To post these words was not Fr Chris’ idea and does not set a precedent for those who prefer not to share their sermons but was a request from some of us. I think he feels there is an immediacy of a sermon which might not translate to a website rendering but I believe, alongside others, that these reflections gain in meditation.

So do enjoy them – those you heard or those you missed!

Thank you, Fr Chris and Deb, for your very precious third visit to us from so far away in uncertain times. We let you go reluctantly but enriched, and with very grateful hearts for your time with us.

Angela Fall

Fr Chris’ Sermons