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Church finances

Financing a Church is a challenge and Christ Church is no exception.

Christ Church receives no financial support or subsidies from the Church of England, the Canton de Vaud, the Swiss Confederation or any other body. Members and friends are responsible for the entire cost of maintaining ministry and for the upkeep of the building. Taking an average over the year, our expenditure amounts to about CHF 8’000.- a month.

The breakdown is roughly as follows:

  • 75% for all ministry costs, this covers the three areas of our Mission Statement: worship, welcome and wider-community;
  • 20% for building upkeep, maintenance and running costs;
  • 5% for administration and miscellaneous costs

Our budget makes no allowance for creating a reserve for future restoration work or capital outlay, nor does it pay a full stipend for the chaplain. What then are our sources of income?

In short, these are:

  • Financial Commitment program
  • Donations
  • Open Collections in the plate on Sundays
  • Fund-raising activities

A Financial Commitment program is a program in which members promise to make regular gifts of money to the church.

Most people find that they give a combination of time, knowledge, skills and talents, and money. Everyone has something to give. And Christ Church needs a balance of all the different forms of giving – including money.

The Financial Commitment Program deals solely with financial gifts. It is designed to produce a reliable source of known income, so that the Treasurer can work out a proper budget.

Legally, Christ Church is organised around two Associations:

1. The Association of Christ Church, The Anglican Church of Lausanne:

The objects of the Association are the public exercise of Anglican worship and witness in conformity with the canon law of the Church of England of which the Diocese in Europe is a constituent part; the proclamation of the gospel; every pastoral activity allowed by law; the administrative, financial and legal management of the congregation; and all actions consonant with the objects of the congregation.Money raised for this Association covers the Ministry costs of Christ Church.

2. The Charitable Association of Christ Church, Lausanne

The Association is run on Christian principles to provide:

  • practical aid, advice and assistance to all who require it, irrespective of religion or denomination;
  • assistance for charitable projects in Switzerland and abroad for the relief of poverty and suffering, for education, for environmental projects and for social development;
  • financial support for maintaining the grounds and the building of Christ Church, Lausanne, which is under protection as a listed monument.

Money raised for this Association covers charitable giving and the maintenance of the grounds and building of Christ Church. It is tax deductable in the Canton de Vaud.

If you would like to participate in our Financial Commitment Program or make a donation to either / both Associations, please complete and return these forms:

Ministry form

Building form

Also for your information, the following are the fees normally associated with special services (there is no fee for a baptism):


Funerals (English / Français)

If you would like further information, please contact the Chaplain or the Treasurer who would be delighted to help.